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Are You Making These 5 Social Marketing Mistakes?

By Deborah Richmond When it comes to marketing strategies to improve business and generate more sales, social media marketing has become one of the best mediums used by many businesses. But for some, having social media accounts does not bring in more sales. How come? If you feel that your business is in a social …

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You Can’t Afford to Miss These Trends in Marketing

By Deborah Richmond Online marketing is an ever-moving target. Social networks change. Strategies change. As a social media marketer, one of the biggest parts of my job is to listen, read, absorb everything that is happening in social media so that I can roll with the changes. I wanted to bring you some of the …

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How To Make Real Sales With a Company Newsletter

By Deborah Richmond   What have you been doing with your email lists?  Have you been collecting addresses but only mailing to them every few months? While those infrequent emails will help you reach customers occasionally, it is better to work with your lists using a strategy. The fastest way to get more sales from …

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The Mistake I See Businesses Make Over and Over Again!

By Deborah Richmond When I begin working with a new business, the first thing I do is sit down and take an inventory of the marketing tools they already have. I ask about their websites, their social media accounts, their customer lists, and their email marketing. I find out what is working for them and …

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6 Ways to Get People to Share Your Website on Social Media

The days of websites standing alone on their own merits are gone. Nowadays it’s all about who shares your URL and drives visitors to your site. And that means mastering and nurturing social networks. For two years, Google’s mission has been eliminating falsely-inflated spam sites and blogs that drove people to social media for information …

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Top 10 Reasons Social Media is Important for Search Engine and Website Traffic

Search engine optimization and ways of driving website traffic have changed dramatically over the last few years. It used to be all about the algorithms. Then Google’s all-powerful algorithms were over-ridden by the phenomenon of social search as social media developed, grew and exploded into the collective consciousness. Google fought back, creating, scrapping, re-creating and …

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