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Are You Overwhelmed by Social Media

By Deborah Richmond   I often run into clients who tell me they are completely overwhelmed by social media. They have every intention of working on social media and using it to market their business, but when it comes down to the nuts and bolts there’s too much to learn, too many sites to try. …

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Is Pinterest Right For Your Social Media Marketing Plan?

Pinterest is becoming very popular for certain types of activities. But is it right to marketing your business? Some users collect photos of things they would like to buy or do. Others use it as a place to gather ideas.  With so many social media networks available, it makes it difficult to figure out which …

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Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing in 23 Days

I hope you’re having a good summer, like I am! I’ve been spending a lot of time on the boat, but wanted to make sure you heard about this! Are you looking for the newest tips and tactics for growing your business with social media? My friends over at Social Media Examiner have just announcedSocial …

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How to Write Emails that Engage

By Deborah Richmond You always hear marketers saying that the best email newsletter content is content that engages the audience. What exactly does this term ‘engage’ mean? It essentially means that your readers do more than simply read your content. When content engages, it gets the reader involved and urges them to take some kind …

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Why It’s a Good Thing When People Unsubscribe From Your Email List

By Deborah Richmond Every email you send your list should have an unsubscribe link. When a subscriber clicks this link, they’re removed from your list. An email manager like Aweber allows you to easily include an “unsubscribe” button to your readers. Many marketers feel that even one unsubscribe is a catastrophe and do all they …

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Tips for Writing Emails – Answer Readers’ Questions

By Deborah Richmond The goal of any email marketing plan is to Get Your Message Straight to Your Prospects Inbox.  You also want to make sure that message is full of good content that will be helpful to your readers. When you’re stumped for email marketing content ideas, a great starting point to use is …

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