Aug 05

Press Release Means Free Publicity

press_artYou don't have to spend a lot to make your marketing strategies work effectively. The press release has worked its magic for many businesses for years and it has been generating publicity for many companies for ages for free.

A press release lets you communicate with the media. That simple press release can become a major story or may even allow you to be interviewed on radio stations or even have a television appearance. Just imagine what these can do for your business!

So when exactly should you send a press release? You can do so when you are either sponsoring an event, releasing a new product or introducing a new service, announcing an award, opening a new store or transferring to a new office.

You can send press releases to local dailies or weekly newspapers, consumer magazines, city magazines, radio stations, and local news programs. These are media outlets that can easily reach out to your potential customers. The more publicity you get, the more popular your business becomes. The more popular your business becomes the more customers you will have and the more sales you will be able to generate.

You can send press releases to online services that publish them on the internet. This is good for you because, once they are online, your story can be found in Google searches, which can drive traffic to you and your website.

Get free publicity by making and sending your own press release today.

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