Aug 13

Can Social Networking Drive More Traffic to Your Website?

To google-websites-trendsestablish your presence in social media sites, you have to spend time making and frequently updating your profile or your page. But making the most out of every social media account that you have, is worth the time because it will bring you traffic to your website.

I use WordPress as my blogging platform. And one WordPress feature that I have found to be extremely important and totally useful is the Stat graph which can be found on the dashboard page. This graph lets me know how many people have viewed and visited my blog. This graph tells me how much traffic I get everyday.

When my blog was new, my blogsite normally had around 10-20 visitors per day.  But after I  began using LinkedIn to connect to more people,  the number of site visitors I get per day rose up to 70 that week!

How exactly did that happen?

Aside from trading contact information with other people, I have also used my LinkedIn account to my advantage. I signed up for a number of LinkedIn groups like Linked Up Grand Rapids and Pro Lansing. These networking groups are composed of professionals from two of the cities that I mostly do my business in. So it would be safe to say that the increase of the amount of traffic that I got is because I joined these two groups. What excites me the most is that people who visit my site are those who are interested in what I do and want to know more about me and my business.

How about you? How do you drive traffic to your website?

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