Aug 19

Traffic and Social Networks: How They Can Work Together to Drive Traffic to Your Site

increase-website-trafficWhile you are having fun talking with your friends on Facebook, there  is actually something else that you are doing at the same time that will help your business; driving traffic to your website. Social networking sites such as Facebook can drive traffic to your website if you know how to maximize your account.
While using your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts to build relationships, you can actually mention your business operations in your posts. You have to remember, however, that hard selling in social networks may annoy your users, so be sure that what you say about your business or products is relevant to the conversation. Save your sales pitch for your website content or your Facebook Fan Page.
Here are some tips that you can use to make sure that you are making the most out of your social networking account.
1. Make sure that your website address is highly visible on your Facebook profile.
2. Write important personal and business information in the section right below our photo.
3. Connect to  lots of people. If your number of friends increases, the traffic that gets directed to your website also increases.

What difficulties have you encountered/are you currently encountering in setting up an account for a social media network?

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