Aug 24

Can Google Analytics Help You in Improving Your Website?

Okay, so you've signed up for a Google Analytics and you've already been given the code which you have installed on your website. Aside from helping you determine the actual number of people who visit your site each day, you can also use the data that you will be getting from Google Analytics in order to find out which of your marketing efforts are actually effective for your business.

When I recently attended a meeting of the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) in Grand Rapids , I had a change to do traditional face-to-face networking. I was able to share and get ideas from fellow entrepreneurs and I even had the chance to exchange business cards with those who became interested in what I do and those who have businesses that might be useful to me or my clients. The following day, I noticed that there was a significant increase in the number of visitors I had to Tekkbuzz.com. Google Analytics helped me realize that attending functions such as that AWE meeting can also work to drive traffic to my site.

The Google Analytics system gives you totally comprehensive data that you will even know which pages are mostly visited by people. In my case, I found out that my "About Me" page had the most number of views.  So  examined that particular page thoroughly to make sure that it contains enough information that my potential clients would need. Also, when you determine which page is not doing too well in terms of attracting traffic, you can actually take some extra time generating links to that particular page so it would be more visible to your readers.

By allowing you to see traffic patterns, Google Analytics results are excellent references when you work to improve your website.

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