Aug 25

Facebook: Feedback Creates Relationship

facebook-feedbackYou cannot build a network of clients and potential clients if you don't have a relationship with them. While social networking sites provide you with the most convenient way of connecting with your market, the opportunity just might turn into nothing if you are not doing anything to strengthen the relationship that you have with your friends who can be your clients or your prospective customers.

People on Facebook for example post pictures, events, notes, and status updates. You may either "Like" or "Comment" on these posts. These feedback options can be found directly below your contacts' posts. While liking a particular post may already be considered as a form of feedback, it still isn't as effective as actually commenting. Taking time to comment on status messages or pictures or notes allows you to be engaged in a conversation with your clients.

When you comment on posts, the system automatically sends a notification to your contacts. This would certainly make your clients feel like you are interested with them and are actually paying attention to what they are saying or doing.

Do you take time to browse through your contacts' posts on Facebook?

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