Sep 04

Removing Tags on Facebook

If you are using Facebook for your business, the last thing you want your customers to see is a tagged photo of you that is not flattering. Consider this experience that one of my clients just had.

This client attended a party, one of her friends took a photo of her with a beer in her hand.
Once you are tagged, which means your name has been attached to the photo, all your friends on Facebook receive a notification.  Other than her close friends, all her other contacts in Facebook are her clients and potential clients. She doesn't want her business contacts and her prospects to get the impression that she's all about parties and not really serious about business.

So what exactly do you need to do when this happens? Remove the tag from the photo. You will find the place to do that in Facebook.

Of course you can always ask your friend to remove the tag but if he or she refuses to do so, you just have to do it yourself. Here's how:

1. Click on the picture.
2. Click on the "remove tag" that you will find on the bottom left side of the picture.

Find out more about removing tags on Facebook by reading this article at itworld.com http://www.itworld.com/internet/56363/facebook-tip-do-damage-control-unwanted-photos

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  1. Wendy DeJong

    Thanks so much for sharing this Deborah! I thought I had taken care of this in my profile privacy settings by clicking the button marked ‘only show me’ the photo’s and video’s that I was tagged in but apparently it didn’t work!
    Do the settings change every time FB makes changes?

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