Sep 10

Control Viewers of Your Facebook Page

facebook_1289904cFacebook has profile privacy settings you can use to control who can view your page.

Many new Facebook users have the same concerns - they worry about the fact that anyone can access their posts.  I always tell my clients that they can decide on the amount of information that people can see. As for me, I prefer to make all the information I have on my site available for everyone to see because I created that particular page for my business. Instead of moderating site viewership, I make it a point that I examine the kind of information I post on my site. Anything that is too sensitive or too personal should not be published.

There are, however, certain instances where you would like to share specific information with some members of the family. This is when you can go to your privacy page and configure the settings. You can find the "Privacy" link at the bottom of every page in Facebook. You can either choose whether a specific page or post can be viewed by friends, family, a combination of both, or everyone on Facebook.

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