Sep 12

How Reliable is Social Networking as a Marketing Strategy?

social media networkingIt is said that keeping a frequently updated social network account would allow you to connect with people who think like you or have the same interests as you. But is this really true?

As a social media networker, I have proven that keeping my social media accounts active and maintained can benefit your business in a lot of ways. For one, it allows you to establish online relationship with people who are in the same business or social circle as you.

When I use my Twitter account, for instance, I try to search for possible contacts by keying in a phrase that is related to my business. The system will then provide me with a list of people who would most probably be interested with what my business is able to offer. I see to it that I follow people from different parts of the country. Just by looking at the tweets of my contacts, I will be able to know what they are up to.  I comment on tweets that I know something about.

Another thing that makes social networks helpful to our businesses is that it keeps you connected with the business network that you currently belong to. Plus, you will be able to network with more people by looking at your contacts' friends' list. In order to establish more contacts, you can use Facebook's chat feature, send direct messages in LinkedIn, retweet someone's post on Twitter, or even post a comment on somebody's blog.

Are you making the most out of your social media network account?

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