Sep 28

Facebook: What is the Wall?

Hands on keyboard

“Hey, did you write on my wall?”

Can’t figure out what people are talking about when they ask you this question? Here is an explanation of the Facebook Wall in a nutshell.

Your wall is the page on Facebook that is the center of your profile. You can update your status on the wall.  To see your wall, sign in to Facebook. On the menu at the top, click “Profile”. There are tabs under your name. Click “Wall”. Here is what everyone else sees when they come to your Wall.

Other people can come to your wall and write on it. The message that they leave can be seen by anyone who comes to look at your wall. You can change privacy settings so that only cetain types of people can see your wall.

-          Near the top of any page, you will see the word “Settings”. Choose “Settings”

-          Find “Privacy”. To the right of “Privacy” you will see the word “manage”. Choose “manage”.

-          Choose “News Feed and Wall”

Here you will find an explanation of the different privacy settings that are within your control.

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