Oct 09

It’s Not Hard to Say Thank You

A blog post from my friend, Will Sloan, inspired me to tell you about an incident that happened to me recently.   I was in the local UPS store the other day. There were several of us who came in at once, and one young man at the counter. He was working like a mad man to get all of us taken care of. One snippy woman was rude and told him he should be helping only her. I would have been really mad if I were this young man. But he said he was sorry and kept working like a mad man.  Everyone was quiet.

On my way home I wished I had said something to the young man about how much I appreciated his hard work. So I emailed his store. The next day the manager called me and I told him the story. He said he was going to have my email framed and was going to present it to his employee with appreciation at their next employee meeting.

It doesn't take much to tell people you do appreciate their hard work.  Too often we expect people to work hard without thanks because it's their job. The next time you are waited on by someone who is doing a good job, take the time to look up the business on Facebook or Google, and send them a message identifying the worker and how much you appreciated their service.  You'd be amazed how much it will mean to the hard working employee.

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