Oct 17

The Speed of Social Networking

1017091350If you.'re not convinced that social networking is powerful, I've got an interesting story for you

Apparently one Monday night some kids at my daughter's school decided they wanted to see if everyone would wear crazy knee socks to school on Tuesday.   They began texting their friends, and in a few hours all of the kids in the school heard about it, and many wore the crazy socks on Tuesday.

It amazes me that a message can get around that fast to hundreds of people who are as connected as these teenagers. If you take the time to build a community, and interact with that community on a regular basis, you can communicate fast and effectively when you need to.

If you have an event happen in your business that you want everyone to know about, you can get your message out right away.  You no longer have to pay to have a mailer created, sent and received by your community of customers and potential customers.  You can get your news out immediately to as many people as you have included in your community, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog or texting.  If you put these networks in place, they are ready to work as your direct channel when you have information you need to send out.

A lesson, straight from one of my favorite teenagers.

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