Oct 19

Social Media -v- Newspaper Advertising

527555_10636681You know newspapers are shutting down or reducing the days they deliver papers to readers.  This fact makes it obvious that you and your business are not going to get the same results you once did from advertising in the newspaper.

But let me tell you another reason you need to move your marketing online. Newspapers are moving online, but their advertising opportunities are not.  Issue Media Group is a company that owns 10 online newspapers. I subscribe to two of them, Capital Gains in Lansing, and Rapid Growth in Grand Rapids.  I have even written an article for Capital Gains. When you visit these newspapers, you do not see lots of advertisements the way you do when you read a physical newspaper. They are not there.

These papers make money to operate through different avenues.  One is that they license the stories they write so that they can sell the opportunity for other online newspapers to use their articles.  Another avenue of revenue is that they offer sponsorship to companies, organizations and industries. These entities wish to encourage the newspaper to cover certain isses, such as the environment. The sponsors, however, do not have influence over what is written, only that the issue that is important to them will receive coverage.

In a nutshell, the successful online newspapers are not selling traditional advertising opportunities to local businesses the way physical newspapers have in the past.  That is why it is crucial to the future of your marketing plan that you get into social networking, learn it and get comfortable. Our old ways of advertising are disappearing.

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