Nov 02

Facebook 101: Chatting with Your Contacts on Your Firefox Sidebar

fchat-titleHere's a quick Facebook tip to all you multi-taskers out there. Let's face it, maintaining your social media presence can cost you a considerable amount of your time each day. When people from your network on Facebook eventually becomes interested in you or the product or service that your business offers, they may use Facebook chat to talk with you in real time.

You probably have noticed that Facebook has a chat bar that is at the bottom of the page of this social networking platform. But we all know that you have tons of other things to do rather than just keep your Facebook window open all the time. Now you can chat from your Firefox sidebar by following these simple steps.

1. Bookmark your Facebook page through the top navigation bars.

2. Fill out the short form using this information:

Name - Facebook Chat
Location - http://www.facebook.com/presence/popout.php

Don't forget tick the box that has a "Load this boomark in sidebar" after it.

3. Open the Firefox sidebar and voila! You can now start chatting with your contacts on Facebook.

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