Nov 06

Is Social Networking Worth the Time?

How do you know your social networking strategy is working for you?  You're posting to Facebook, sending Twitter messages regularly, participating on LinkedIn. But how do you know the time you spend on social networks is doing your business any good?

One way to measure success on social networks is through the size of your community.  How many people are your friends on Facebook? How many LinkedIn connections do you have? How many people follow you on Twitter?  Growing your community is one of the best strategies for marketing through social media.  The more people who are a part of your communities, the more opportunities you will have to further relationships that will bring you more profits.

Once you have a number of members on your networks, direct them to your website where they can find helpful information or products. Occasionally ask people to visit your site to check out what you have to offer.  Then, use Google Analytics to track how many people visit your site.  You want to see that number grow and you can make this happen through social media strategies.

The way you can tell that social networking is working for you is by watching the number of community members grow.  On your website you can measure the number of visitors to your website. With Google Analytics, you can sometimes see whether vistors came from your Facebook or Twitter links.  These measurements will let you know without a doubt whether your social networking time is well spent.

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