Dec 03

Social Media Podcast Coming Soon!

I’m excited  to let you in on a secret  that I have been keeping under wraps. Very soon, I will be launching a podcast for entrepreneurs who want to market using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs. This podcast will talk about  the reasons social marketing brings small business results that no other forms of marketing can deliver.

surprise boyIn this podcast, I will reveal the best networks any business can use to market your business. I’ll give you the strengths of each network and specific strategies to use to maximize your efforts.  There will be tips on great internet  tools that can make your life easier.  I will be talking about the newest strategies to use whenyou are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs.

And, of course, this podcast and all of its priceless information will be FREE!  I want you to have this advantage over your competition. While other businesses are struggling to make sense of social media, you will be able to plan your strategy, build your community  and create your own success!

Soon I will give you more details about the podcast and how to get it. Stay tuned…..

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