Dec 04

Tekkbuzz.com Traffic Report

photo_9179_20091029[1]I’ve been developing this website since mid July 2009.  I had already put up a site, but at that time I redesigned it into a blog using WordPress on my domain.  I added some plugins and began putting up blog posts.  Here is my traffic growth so far.

August 2009                       204 visitors

September 2009               193 visitiors

October 2009                     324 visitors

In September, I had a mishap that broke my site.  I had to rebuild it almost from scratch. That’s why I think September’s numbers are down, because I had a few days where the site was not up.

To drive traffic, I post two to three times a week. Every day I read other  blogs and leave comments on at least three of them. This provides a link back to my site. I’ve set up my blog posts so that they automitically post to Facebook. This provides a link back to my site.


  1. Ian M Rountree

    If I may;

    Down days suck. But a ten percent dip after only two months of three-per-week content additions is no big deal. However; A couple of weeks ago I halted the auto-feed to my Facebook because people were reading the posts there and not following back to my site – Fb has no analytics to mine, after all. It’s worth grabbing bit.ly links for everything and manually posting it to your status. Bitly has some amazingly snackable numbers, and if you’re already good at mining your existing analytics, the expansion is a no-brainer.

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you after your comment on my old digs. The transition was rough, I feel your pain.

  2. Deborah Richmond

    That’s a good observation. So if people are reading your blog posts because you’re simultaneously postign them to Facebook, but they aren’t coming to your site, using a bit.ly shortened url link would be a much better way to be sure they come to your site to read the post. It’s too bad Facebook doesn’t have some way for us to know if visitors are reading the posts there.

    Something else I’ve done is put my Free Ebook opt-in form on my Facebook too so that, even if readers don’t come to my blog, they can opt in for the free Ebook there at Facebook.

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