Dec 05

Traffic Report: November 2009

crowdWebsite visitors this month         283

Facebook Friends                            65

Twitter Followers                             357

LinkedIn Connections                    83

Email List Members                         12

I’ve worked this month on building traffic to the website by submitting articles I’ve written to Article Ezine. I also comment daily on various blogs on the internet, and I do see visitors from those places from time to time.  I’ve also seen traffic from Google searches which means my Search Engine Optimization efforts are working.

My Facebook list of friends stayed static this month. In December I want to expand that circle of friends, pay some attention to inviting friends to increase that network.  To do that, I will look through the friend lists of my friends to see if there are people I know who I can invite.

I’ve been trying out tow new strategies for increasing my Twitter followers. It is working well. I think I incresed followers by about 100 this month. I will be introducing these new strategies to you very soon.

My LinkedIn Connections stayed about the same this month. In December I will work to increase this by participating in discussions in my LinkedIn Groups and connecting to those people that are involved in the discussions as well.

The email list grew by a couple people this month.  In December I will be launching my new ebook “Pump Up Your Profits with Social Networking”.  If new members sign up for the email list, they will receive the book for free. Come back in a few days to receive this free gift!

What do you think of my traffic report?  Is this useful information to you? Leave me a comment.


  1. Mirika Gray

    I really like the way you keep it simple Deborah.

    I am in the same boat, still learning, haven’t yet got the gist of all this stats stuff but I certainly am getting there.

    I look forward to following your progress and thanks for the EBOOK, Ive only read a couple of paragraphs but its looking like a fantastic tool for me to add to my arsenal of learning.

    Regards and all the best

  2. Deborah Richmond

    So glad you are finding the book useful. The stats are fun once you’ve got them set up. It’s great fun to watch them grow.

    Keep reading the blog and you’ll get lots of good information on all aspects of social marketing. I’ve got some good things coming up!

    Thanks for the comment!!

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