Dec 09

Making a Difference with Social Marketing

helping handI was recently asked why I spend my time writing this blog. Why do I give away free information? Why do I spend so much time using social media? I knew the answer in my head, but had a hard time putting it into words. I thought you too might wonder why I do what I do.

My story begins when I was working in the marketing department of an insurance company. I worked organizing content for the website and helping with writing marketing brochures and print materials.  Being an insurance company, my bosses had a very limited view of what marketing was.  I was very interested in the new marketing techniques I was seeing cropping up such as using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging to further a company’s brand.  When I took these ideas to my bosses, they didn’t want to have anything to do with them. They didn’t even let the employees onto social networks during the work day. When I tried to point out the new and exciting strategies I was seeing emerge, they couldn’t imagine that these would be of any use to us.  They were a conservative company stuck in the old ways of marketing.

After some time, it began to feel stiffled working at a company with such limited practices.  I decided to start my own marketing consulting business. I figured I would use the marketing skills of website management and copywriting to assist company’s who were not large enough to afford their own marketing departments.  I started attending networking functions in order to expand my network and start offering my services.  Two things happened that steered me into the field of social media strategy consulting.

The first thing that happened was that, whenever I was talking to entrepreneurs, they were excited when they found out I was on Facebook. They were hungry to learn as much as they could about social media. They had heard it was something they needed to learn, but they didn’t know where to start.  What I hadn’t realized until now was that small businesses are so busy with the details of running their business, they do not have time to explore new tools such as Facebook and Twitter.  These entrepreneurs needed someone to show them, and show them quickly so they could get back to their real job of running their business.

The second thing that happened was I realized that I too needed to expand my network if I was going to capture enough work to support myself and my children. I needed to see if social media strategies would work for me and my business.

So I began to study every piece of information I could get my hands on about social media and what businesses were doing with it to increase their sales. I read dozens and dozens of blogs and websites. I listened to hours of podcasts. I spent hours and hours on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn learning how to use them. I began to increase my network in directions I never dreamed imaginable. I was meeting people I never would have had contact with if I relied on only face-to-face events.  And I began trying out the strategies I heard and read about, figuring out what worked and what didn’t.

Excited about the effective strategies I had been using, I wanted to share this information with entrepreneurs who could really use this knowledge to make a difference in their bottom line.  The economy is hitting all of us.  Many are having a tough time keeping their heads above water financially.  This blog is my way of helping others. I want you to learn from what you read here and start using these networks to grow your business.

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What information are you looking for about social marketing?

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