Jan 03

Facebook: Control Your Privacy Settings

stopAre you concerned about your online privacy when using Facebook?  Did you know you can decide exactly who sees the separate pieces of your Facebook Profile?

Setting your privacy settings is easy to do. While you are on your facebook page, go to the upper right-hand side of the page. Click on the menu on “Settings”. Click “Privacy Settings”. Now click “Profile Information”.

You will see the following categories:

  • About Me
  • Personal Info
  • Birthday
  • Religious and Political Views
  • Family and Relationship
  • Education and Work
  • Photos and Videos of me
  • Photo Albums
  • Posts by Me
  • Allow friends to post on my Wall
  • Posts by Friends
  • Comments on Posts

Each of these sections gives you the opportunity to change settings. The following are your choices:

  • Everyone
  • Friends of Friends
  • Only Friends
  • Customize (allows you to exclude individuals from seeing these areas)

By using these different privacy settings you can control exactly who sees each piece of information that you put on your Facebook profile.

Remember, you always have the choice to leave sections of your profile blank if you do not want to share certain information with anyone.

How do you use your privacy settings?


  1. Shadi

    Although Facebook is a very useful tool to connect with family and friends, i found that a lot of people are using it for all the wrong reasons.

    Choosing the correct privacy setting is very important with such a public tool.

  2. Deborah Richmond

    There are several ways in which people use Facebook. Some to keep in touch with family, some to help market businesses, some to gather interest in a good cause. It’s one of the things I love about social media, the creativity people have in finding different uses for the platforms.

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