Jan 13

Facebook: Live Feed -v- News Feed

doodle-icons-detailYou may have noticed your Friend's updates on Facebook seem to be out of chronological order.  This is because Facebook added a new feature called Live Feed and News Feed. News Feed.  News Feed is Facebook's attempt to give the people you interact with most top billing on your page. Friends you do not interact with as often appear lower on the page, rather than chronologically as they update pages in real time.

This is not a favorite feature of mine. I prefer to see what is happening in real time. I want my updates to show chronolically. So what I do when I get to my Facebook page is click "Live Feed". You will find this choice near the top of the page on the left-hand side.  Select Live, and your updates are back to a real time display.

The bad news is I have not yet found a way to make Live Feed my default. I'm hoping Facebook realizes this oversight and gives us the ability to set our own default.  Until then, I will continue to change mine manually when I arrive on my page.

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