Jan 15

Social Marketing: Show Customers Who You Are

httpBefore they buy from you, your customers want to knmow you and like you. It is now different then, say, if you were going to hire a lawyer. Ideally, you would want to know her before you hire her. Your customers want the same thing.

Social media gives potential customers an opportunity to get to know you and like you before they buy.  I was recently looking for a graphic designer to do some work for me. I didn't have a referral, so I did what any good internet marketer would do, I Googled. After pulling up some websites, I found one for Paul Starr Productions that looked interesting. At the bottom of the page was a Facebook button, allowing me to click to go to his Facebook page. Once on Facebook, I could see Paul Starr was a young man, obviously an up-and-coming designer. There were updates where he was talking about some video work, and a new camera he was going to buy. It was enough information for me to think to myself, "He looks nice, I think I'll call and meet him to talk about my project."

This is one way in which social media can bring you business. Create accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. By being several places, you are able to give even more information about yourself. Some customers may check out two or your profile pages before they decide to call. But if you're not there, they will move on to your competition.

Have you had customers come to you who met you on Facebook?

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