Jan 18

Social Marketing Gives You Freedom to Choose Your Path

victoryEntrepreneurs may not have an employer who provides a benefits package, but we do have one of the biggest benefits of all:  Freedom.

When I started my own business, I gave up a benefits package and paycheck that was exactly the same size every two weeks.  But what I gained was freedom, many types of freedom. I gained  the freedom to choose my own ways of doing business. No longer do I have to get approval from several upper managers on every decision I make. If I think it’s a good idea, I do it. If I want to try a new idea, I do it.

In social media, there are lots and lots of different strategies that will work to market and brand a business.  It is up to you to try some and find out what works for you.  A B2B my find great success using LinkedIn. A business which sells direct to consumers may find Facebook is a natural fit. You get to explore, try out what you think makes sense, and see what truly works the best.  You have the freedom to choose your path.

What network is working for you in marketing your business?

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