Jan 24

Social Media Magic

lampI am astounded by the Internet and all that it can do.

I was amazed when, in 1996, I was able to send a text file to a proofreader in a different state. Now I can send an ebook to places in other countries.

I was amazed in the ‘90s when I heard about a large earthquake from reading messages on an electronic bulletin board before they even started talking about it on the TV news. Now we read and see protests in other countries as they are happening!

And yes, I am amazed that we can use social networks to connect daily with family, friends and acquantances. And we can use these same networks to build our businesses. Being able to meet potential new customers without ever leaving my office would have been unthinkable a few years ago.  Meeting a graphic designer in another state  and being able to work easily with them is astoundingly efficient.  Delivering my ebook to people in other countries who are interested in reading it, this is the magic of theinternet and social media.

I don’t think I will ever stop marveling at the advancements technology brings. It’s exciting to wonder what’s next!?

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