Feb 09

How You Can Use Coke’s Idea With Your Social Marketing?



Coca Cola is running a promotion on their fan page that asks you to send a virtual Coke to one of your Facebook Friends. You enter your friend’s name and when you click “Send a Gift”, they receive a message on Facebook telling them you gave them a virtual Coke and that they can give one to a friend as well.  The second part of the promotion is that Coca Cola will donate $1 to The Boys and Girl’s Club of America for each virtual Coke you send.  Your friend receives the virtual coke and instruction on how to send one to their friends as well.

This combination of donating to a good cause while passing around a message from Coca Cola is the company’s way of starting a viral campaign. If many people pass around virutal Cokes, their message will spread fast and far. Participants feel good about clicking a button and having Coca Cola donate to a good cause.

How can you take this idea and adapt it to your business fan page?   Let’s say you are a shoe store.  How about  this?  Create a message offering a coupon for a discount on a pair of shoes.  If a fan redeems the coupon, your business will donate $1 to a good cause  Ask your fans to share this coupon with friends so they may get in on the deal as well. This way your fans can receive a discount at your store and also be part of donating to a good cause.  And you will drive traffic to your store


  1. Toni POWERORGmath

    Great idea for matching pledges as well.Any examples from orgs that used this strategy to collect pledges/donations?

  2. Deborah Richmond

    You’re right, that would be a great idea. I don’t have any examples of this with non-profits, but I will keep my eyes open for any who are. Thanks for commenting.

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