Feb 18

Turn Social Media Activity into Cash

inboxTurning social media activities into increased sales requires one step many businesses are not using  -  the opt-in email list.

In launching a social marketing campaign, you need a way to convert traffic to something valuable to you; sales. You will be driving traffic from different networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to your website or blog.  Once you’ve driven traffic there, you need a way convert this traffic into something valuable for you.  The email list is the key to conversion.  Once you've collected emails, you can send periodic messages about new products and services. You can send newsletters with good industry information to customers.  All of these messages keep you and your business in front of potential customers.  This leads to sales.

So social media drives traffic to your email list. You send promotional materials to your email list, which generates sales.  This is how social media brings sales to your door.

Without the opt-in email list, you do not have a way to convert traffic to sales.  That is why the email list is the key.  With this list, you will  be sending emails to people who are most likely to become your customers.

Do you use an opt-in email list on your website or blog?

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