Feb 25

Build Trust:Give Away Good Content to Your Social Network

leverageBuilding trust is one of your main goals when using social media to market your business.  One way to build that trust is to give away really good content to your community.

A potential buyer will buy from you much more readily if they feel they know you and can trust you.  By giving away good information that they are looking for and can use, you are taking a large step in building trust.  Blogs are an excellent example of giving away good content.  For example, if you are a human resources consultant, write about all of those areas of human resources that often trip your customers up. Why do they come to you? What questions do they have?  Answer those questions on your blog.  You could write about “7 Things You Should Know About New Hires”, and explain all of the necessary paperwork and details required when a small business hires a new employee.

The content you share, doesn’t always have to be your own.  No, I don’t mean you should take other people’s stuff and give it as your own.  But you can recommend articles written by other people to your Twitter followers. If you read an article that you think your audience will like, cut and past the title and the URL into a Tweet.  Your audience will appreciate that you’re sharing good content.  By sharing content related to your field, you are also demonstrating to your audience what issues you focus on. This also helps establish you as an expert.

Some people are hesitant to give their best content away. They have learned over the years to protect their information so that they can offer it to only their paying customers.  This is no longer a strong strategy.  With information flowing so freely, if you hoard yours, no one will ever know you are out there sitting on great information.  A better strategy is to freely share information. If you demonstrate you are an expert in a subject I am looking for, I will be far more likely to come to you for further assistance if I need it.

What content do you give to your community?

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  1. Ruadhri McGarry

    Hi Deborah, had bookmarked this page some time ago…great advice and walking the walk too!

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