Mar 01

February 2010 Traffic Report

Website visitors this month 1110

Facebook Friends 96

Twitter Followers 813

LinkedIn Connections 159

Email List Members 150

Inbound links 470

It's remarkable that my number of visitors is exactly the same as last month. That's kind of freaky. But it shows that my traffic driving efforts are very consistent.

The other noteworthy item is that my email list members only increased by a few members. There actually was much more people signing up, but there were also some people who unsubscribed. I launched My Social Marketing Class this month. The frequent emails may have alerted some people that they were on a list they weren't interested in. That's not a bad thing. My list weeds itself out so that I am only left with the interested readers.

A new measurement is inbound links. I want to see how well I'm doing driving inbound links to my site.

This month I will be continuing to put some traffic-driving activities in place. It may take a couple months before I start to see results from them.

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