Mar 30

4 Reasons You Should Use WordPress for Your Blog

Need to set up a blog or website, but don’t know how to do it?  I strongly suggest you use WordPress.  There are many reasons WordPress is one of the most popular blogging tools available.  If you are creating a blog or website for your business, using WordPress will give you several advantages.

It’s Easy to Install

You do not need to know code in order to install a WordPress blog.  If you choose a host that works with WordPress, you will find you can install the WordPress framework on your domain with a click of a button.  Then you start to customize it and make it look the way you like by choosing one of dozens of free themes available.  You don’t need to hire a designer.

It’s Easy to Customize

Not only can you customize the look of your blog, but you can add Plug-ins that are pieces of code that allow the site to perform other funcitons.  There are, again, dozens of Plug-Ins to choose from.  I added an SEO Plug-In which allows me to easily input certain information when writing a blog post. The Plug-in takes the information and makes it available in a way that search engines like.  Another Plug-In allows me to add stats to my dashboard so I can keep track of how many people are visiting my site and where they are coming from.

It’s Easy to Use

With WordPress, writing a blog post is like writing an email. You enter your title, just the way you would enter a subject line in your email.  You then enter the body of the post.  I write my posts in Word, then cut and paste them into the blog post section.  When you are done, you fill out some SEO fields with the keywords that your post is using. Then you press the “Publish” button and you are done.  The post is sent immediately to your blog.

It’s Easy to Find Help

If you do run into a snag in using WordPress, there are plenty of ways to receive help.  You can find lots of good useful information on the internet about how to set up a WordPress blog.  Even my own blog series "How to Make a Website with WordPress,"  has step-by-step tutorials on how to get a domain and hosting. Then I show you click-by-click how to install WordPress and start customizing your blog.  If you find you still need help, there are lots of web developers who know how to use WordPress.  You can simply contact one, explain your snag, ask them to fix it for you so you can continue to work on your blog.

It’s Free

Even if you run into a snag and need a little help from a designer, you won’t have to hire one to do the entire project.  You won’t have to hire a designer to create a $3,000 site for you. With WordPress you can do it yourself pretty easily.

With these advantages, why would you use anything else for your blog or website?  I use WordPress for my blog and I recommend that you use it for your blog or website.

Are you using WordPress for your blog or website?

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