Apr 16

March 2010 Traffic Report

Site visitors                            1230

Facebook Friends                 105

Twitter Followers                  977

LinkedIn Connections         177

Email List Members              207

Inbound Links                         819

I'm pleased that my site received a few more visitors than last month.  My traffic efforts certainly seem to be consistent, bringing me roughly the same amount of traffic each month.  In the next few weeks, I will be implementing a new strategy to, hopefully, grow that traffic.

Twitter is growing again. I made a change this month. I set my account to automatically follow people who follow me. I knew it would increase my followers a little because some people unfollow if you don't follow them back. I now see how many people that really is because those people are now staying with me, and my number of followers did grow. I haven't done anything else to grow my followers this month.

Inbound links continues to baffle me.  I don't know why this is growing so rapidly.  But I'll take it!

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