Apr 27

2 Thing to Know about Facebook’s LIKE Button

Facebook has unleashed a new feature all over the internet, the “Like” button .  You will begin to see websites that allow you to press the “Like” button when reading an article or blog post. When you do, a note will show up on Facebook in your “Recent Activities” telling your community that you liked this article or blog post.   Your friends can then click on the link and go to the article or blog post you liked.  By using the “Like” buton around the Internet, you will be sharing more with your Facebook friends than just what they see on Facebook.

To me, this seems a lot like the” share” button you see from time to time on websites.  The share button allows you to include the article in a status update.  When I chose the “Like” button, a notice showed up in my “Recent Activities” on my profile page saying that I liked the article. So they are very similar as far as I can tell right now.

There are two things to remember when using the “Like” button on websites you visit.

1. This feature is great for branding yourself with your Facebook friends.

This could be a great way to continue to portray your brand. For instance, I can press “Like” on articles about social media that I think are helpful to my community.  This will remind my Facebook friends that I work in digital marketing. Then the next time they or their friends need digital marketing services, they will remember me.

2. Be mindful that the topics you “Like” will be seen by clients and customers.

One thing to be mindful of is that everyone will see what you “Like”.  Because I use Facebook to market my business, I probably will not press “Like” on some issues I feel are controversial to my clients.  I read in one article a comment that really makes sense to me. “You are responsible for your own privacy.”  In other words, if you don’t want others to know you support the use of gay characters in cartoons, don’t press the “Like” button when reading an article about it.

This new “Like” feature allows us to weave together our activities on the internet and share them with our community.   Have you tried it out yet? Leave me comment telling me what you think.

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