Apr 29

3 Ways a Social Media Contest Can Work For Your Business

It’s easier to sell others then to sell yourself.  That’s an old rule of thumb that we all find out, sooner or later, is true.  When I used to sell hand-dyed wool at quilt shows, I found I could sell my partner’s merchandize much faster than I could sell my own wools.  The reason is because when I praised her work, buyers were far more likely to trust me and really consider the merchandise.  But when I was touting the beauty of my own work, they seemed not to be as convinced.

The same is true in social media. If a buyer is on Facebook and sees me raving about my favorite clothing boutique, they are more receptive and trusting than if they were to see the boutique talking about their products.

With this phenomenon in mind, many businesses are asking customers to mention their business or products on the customer’s social media networks. In return the customer has a chance to win a prize.  For instance, the blog Centsational Girl, has posted a contest offered by Recessionista, a clothing retailer.  One of the ways you can win a $50 gift certificate is to mention Recessionista on your Facebook page,then tell Recessionista you did so.  Once you do, they enter you into a drawing with a chance to win the gift certificate.  Here are the benefits to Recessionista of running this contest:

1. Exposure to  Blogger’s Audience

The Centsational Girl blog writes about the contest, thus giving Recessionista exposure to all of this blog’s readers.

2. Exposure to Reader’s Facebook Community

Reader passes along their message to the reader’s community. Recessionista is now in front of many more people they would not have been in front of without the contest.

3. Build List of Qualified Leads

Reader is entered into a drawing and is most likely now on the Recessionista’s email list. Now Recessionista knows this reader is a fan because she wanted the gift certificate enough to go post on Facebook.  So they now have a reader who is very interested in their products on an email list, to which they can send product information to in the future.

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