May 05

Even Entrepreneurs Need Mentors

When I look back at my past, I realize there were times when I could have used a mentor.   Having someone who has been through an experience before you who can help you make the right decisions is a huge advantage.

In running my business, I know that a lot of the challenges I face are things I have never experienced before.  I know that, if I have someone more experienced who can answer my questions, I will save myself a lot of time and frustration. I can avoid wasting time going down the wrong direction.

When I started looking into creating online e-courses to teach social media marketing, I knew this was an area I knew little about.  How do I put together the website, the payment system?  How do I set up the courses?  Where should I start?  I needed a mentor.

Listening to podcasts on iTunes, I came across two podcasters who ran a membership site called Internet Business Mastery.  This site taught exactly what I was tryng to learn, how to set up a membership site.  I immediately enrolled.  It was a great move. I was able to work through the lessons at my own pace and create a really good site called My Social Marketing Class.

This year my challenge is a different one. How do I tell more people about my e-courses?  Are there new ideas out there for driving traffic to my website and blog?  I have found another mentor to guide me through this very specific endeavor.  I’ve joined Carrie Wilkerson in the Barefoot Executive program.  I’m learning some new stategies and techniques for moving my business forward. I've got someone I can ask all of the questions, big and small, that I need answers to. She is teaching exactly what I need right now.

If you don’t have a mentor, it is time you get one. Now with the internet, you can find people who are teaching exactly what you need to learn. They will save you time and money since you won’t be walking down the wrong path. They will help you stay on the path to success.

Have you found a mentor to help you in your challenges?

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