May 13

May Traffic Report

Website visitors                             1280

Facebook Friends                            194

Twitter Followers                             1205

LinkedIn Connections                    194

Email List Members                         275

Inbound links                                   363

These numbers are all growing gradually each month. There are no big jumps in any of my numbers, but that’s the way I think is the best way to grow, gradually.  I want people to join my community because they really want to build a relationship with me and are truly interested in my content.  I think building slowly but surely is a good way to accomplish that kind of focused community.

It’s pretty exciting to realize that over a thousand people each month are checking out and reading my blog.  I’m so conscious of each reader as I decide what topics to blog about. I want you to find good useful information here that you can act on immeidately

The email list is growing nicely, and most of my traffic is coming from LinkedIn.  This is a great place to spend your networking time if you sell products or services to other businesses.  The discussion areas of groups is where I spend all of my LinkedIn time.

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