Jun 08

June Traffic Report

Website visitors                             1417

Facebook Friends                            123

Twitter Followers                             1367

LinkedIn Connections                    219

Email List Members                         535

Inbound links                                   330

The big change in stats this month is the number of email list members. Thank you to all of you who have recently joined our community.  This new portion of the community came aboard during the Social Media Wildfire Telesummit I hosted this month.  This was my first Telesummit, with five social media speakers.  I wasn't sure how it would go, pulling together all of the detailed organization and technology that is required to host a telesummit. But I was stoked at how fun it all was.  Everything went smoothly and our speakers shared some awesome material. I've already listened to the replays again. Each time I listen, I come away with more information than I caught before.

I'm pleased that most of my stats are rising gradually each month.  I'm finding that our community is highly focused. We all are very interested in social media and how to use it to market our businesses. I know this because when I send out information about a new blog post by email, a really large number of you come over to read the blog. That means you are liking the information I'm sharing. Fantastic!

Are you tracking analytics on our website?

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