Jun 15

What is your Twitter Destination?

Spending time in an airport is like visiting another world entirely separate from your everyday world.  Everyone is working to get to different destinations, moving in different directions.

Recently on a vacation to the Grand Canyon (my first time to see it), I was in an airport waiting for my next flight. As  I watched people walk by, I knew each one had a different destination to which they were heading. We were al a mishmash of travelers all under one roof.

I find the same patterns when I am on Twitter. Everyone is there for a different purpose. One person may be marketing an ebook. Another person may use Twitter to entertain friends with clever posts. Another might be looking to connect with like-minded people.

We all have a different purpose, like travelers, and we end up in one huge network, connecting to each other, making discoveries, building relationshships. Twitter can be so many things to so many different people. In my mind this is what distinguishes it from Facebook or LinkedIn. 

If you're new to Twitter, and you're not quite getting it, hang in there.  Keep showing up. You will find your way slowly. Soon you will discover you've gotten the hang of having conversations on Twitter.  You will find the ways the network can really work for you.

Maybe you will use it to stay in contact with other people in your industry. Maybe you will use it to discover the newest trends related to your business. Maybe you will find it a good place to show others what you are blogging about.

But wait, just when you discover how you will use it, then you will find another use and another use. When you do, share it with people. Let others know what you have learned. Users on Twitter, much like people in the airport, are all going in different directions. As you make your way to your destination, stop occasionally, look around, help a fellow traveler on their way to their destination.

How do you use Twitter in your business?

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