Jun 30

Social Marketing: Show Us Your Niche


After reading his email, I immediately went to check out his website. When I got there, I found a site that had very generalRecently I got an email from an accounting asking me for help with his social media strategy.  He had just discovered LinkedIn and was excited about its potential in driving traffic to his website and  building his client list. information. I could see he offered accounting services, but nowhere could I find specific information about exactly what those services were.  Did he offer basic bookkeeping? Year-end financials? Business analysis?

When a visitor comes to your website, they should immediately discover who you serve, what you provide. My guess is this consultant wanted to appeal to a very broad audience so he could capture work from several different types of clients.  We all think this when we first start marketing our businesses. But on the internet, what you end up with is a website that appeals to no one. Most people will see his website, look to see if he has what they are looking for. If they don’t see exactly what they are looking for, they will click away and go elsewhere.

I could help this accountant drive traffic to his site, but they wouldn’t stick around once they arrived. He first needs to decide  what is his niche. Is it small businesses? Insurance companies? Mom and pop shops? Large professional firms? He needs to state what work he is doing for them. Is it taxes? Investment management? Daily bookkeeping? Is he focusing on one geographical location or offering virtual services which could be delivered anywhere?

Once we show visitors the exact niche we want to serve, then we will start to receive attention from people fitting exactly that niche.  Others will go elsewhere to look for information, but clients fitting this niche will read the site, look for useful information, sign up for our newsletter, and call when they need services.

Are you trying to market to a broad audience?  Are you pulling in the interested customers you are looking for?

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  1. Michele

    Good points, I’m going to go check out my website and see if I’m following your suggestions.

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