Jul 03

July Internet Marketing Stats

Website visitors                             1136

Facebook Friends                            135

Twitter Followers                             1502

LinkedIn Connections                    228

Email List Members                         627

Inbound links                                   330

This month was not a typical month.  My website traffic is down a bit. This is because this month I drove a lot of my traffic to our Social Media Giveaway event.  In fact, I thought the traffic dip would be larger than it is, so I'm not upset with this number being lower than last month.

Twitter is growing organically.  This is not traffic I've driven from anywhere, just new followers that are probably following me because I'm on someone else's list.

My email list has grown quit a bit.  I participated in the Social Media Giveaway this month.  It gained me about 150 new community members.  The event was definitely a success when you consider how little work I had to do on my part to participate.

Inbound links have not moved. I am going to focus on those and web traffic this month.


  1. Tracey Marks

    Wow, you’re so transparent. Many folks wouldn’t want people to know actual numbers. Thanks for sharing and letting us watch you build in real time.

  2. Deborah Richmond

    Transparency is not an easy thing for many of us. This year I am making a conscious effort to watch all of my business behaviors and try to be as transparent as possible. This way there is just nothing to hide behind so why bother? So far there have been no negative repercussions from openly sharing these numbers with you. One of my favorite bloggers, Pat Flynn from smartpassiveincome.com shares real numbers from his business and I’ve been so appreciative to be able to watch and see how he is building his business so I have a way to anticipate how my own might build, that I wanted to do the same. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Tracey Marks

    You are so right, I see what you love that site. I’ve got it in my google reader. Thanks for the info.

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