Jul 13

Facebook Business Fan Page versus Profile Page

I recently received the following question from a reader about Facebook profile pages and fan pages.

Q.  Regarding personal and fan pages, my friends are not necessarily interested in my business and products. How do I combine the two?
A.  Great question! This is a common problem that many of us have. We use the Facebook profile for friends and family, and these people may not be that interested in our business messages.  That's why the fan page is great, you can keep them somewhat separate.  I do invite friends from my profile to "like" my fan page.  So far, those that are not interested in my business, simply ignore the invitation and that seems to work.  Those who ARE interested, "like" my fan page. They will receive business-related information.
I do tend to keep my updates very personal and friend/family oriented on my profile page.  And my updates on my fan page are far more business oriented. You can also drive business traffic specifically to your fan page by using the address for your fan page on your business email signature, business cards, and link to it from your website.
Your question is very common.  Facebook is trying to help us use profiles and business pages separately, but it's not a perfect system yet.  My suggestion is join some profile pages and fan pages of some other business owners and see how others are working the two areas. It might help you decide what strategy is best for you.


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  1. Tracey Marks

    I’m one who really doesn’t like to mix work and social stuff. So I really felt the need to have a fan page to promote my business. I even felt a little uncomfortable when I saw my friends and family “liking” my page. But in fact, although I have more personal information and pictures on my profile, I’m much more active and present on my fanpage.

  2. Deborah Richmond

    Thanks for sharing your practices on your fan page and profile page. Each of us will have a different style in how we use the two together and separately. I’m glad to hear you’re active on your fan page. Some people tell me they opened a fan page, then didn’t do much with it. If you’re active on your fan page, your “fans” or “likers” will participate more with you there. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Becca Moss Kratky


    This is great! I have both a profile and fan page and am loving that you can keep the two separate. That way if “friends” want the business information they can check it out, if not, no big deal! Also, lists in your profile are great for only posting certain things to family & friends if your network is growing fast.
    Take care,

  4. Deborah Richmond

    Yes, lists is a more advanced move that is a great way to sort out your friends. I have one list for my children and their friends who are on my friend list. I can send them messages that my adult friends don’t get. Lists are great for organizing in that way.

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