Jul 22

2 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Social media and search engine optimization are becoming inseparable.   In working with social media for some time now, I am discovering over and over how well it works to gain my business visibility.  In a few short months, I’ve seen my blog go from almost invisible to a site that is gaining a larger number of visitors each and every month.

I often work with clients who want me to get them started in social media. Some of my clients want me to set up only one social network, such as only Facebook or only LinkedIn.  But because of the huge SEO value, I always recommend that they set up a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube accounts, even if they don’t intend to be active on all four networks. If they decide they don't want to put as much time on all four acccounts, and only want to update Facebook every week, their other profiles are still going to turn up in search engine results. 

To gain the most value with your social media profiles and make them findable, there are a few basics you want to be sure to include in your profile.

1. Link to your website.  Always include the URL to your website or blog.  If I search for you on Google, and I find your Facebook profile in search results, I know I can go to your Facebook profile and find more information about you. If your URL is in that information, I can easily click on it, come to your website, read more about you, and contact you with the contact information you provide on the site.  This uses social media to drive traffic to your website and ultimately to you.

2. Place keywords in key places on your profile. You probably have keywords you use in your blog or with your website to generate search engine traffic. These same keywords should appear in your profile in areas such as titles, headlines, biographical paragraph, descriptions of your business. Using keywords allows you to control what searches find you and your profiles.

Social media profiles offer more ways for potential customers to find you.  By implementing these basic optimization techniques, you will maximize our impact on search engines and become more visible to searchers.

Do you have your URL on every social media profile you own?

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  1. Carmen Teresa Luengo

    Great tips Deborah!
    We usually forget to place keywords in key places on our profiles.
    Thank you
    Carmen Teresa Luengo

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