Aug 02

Social Media for Marketing is Not Enough

Earlier this year, I decided to offer services as part of my business model. Until then, I had mostly been building and promoting my free ebook and membership site, My Social Marketing Class.  My efforts have been successful. I have acquired several clients who I’m helping set up Facebook business pages, set up Twitter accounts, build blogs, and help with overall strategy. I’m loving this work because I love working with a business, learning their goals and brainstorming on the best strategies they should use to move forward.

Working with so many other business owners, I am exposed to all sorts of industries. I’m working with a law firm, hair salon, law of attraction coach, legal marketer, personal success coach and other industries. With so many diverse industries, I’m getting to know the special challenges in each industry and the unique challenges of each business.

As I gain a better perspective on so many other types of businesses, I’m starting to see that my clients and you, my readers, need more than just instruction on setting up your social media networks. Not only do you need information on how to use social media, but you also need more information on how search engine optimization works, how opt-in lists can be used to really capture results. You need more information on how you can bring parts of your business online, how you can develop online products that will supplement what you already sell.  You need more information on how to write better copy for your website.  You need information on what you should try to outsource and what you should try to do yourself.

In the coming months, my own business is going to start to take a slightly different direction, and begin to expand what it offers for services. You will see me expanding what subjects I am writing about here on the blog as I learn which areas of internet marketing and online business are the biggest challenges for many of you. I’m excited about the new direction and I think you’re going to find it even more valuable to you.

Tell me, what is your biggest challenge when it comes to your business and the internet?

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