Aug 31

Is your social media branding working?

Is your online marketing working? How can you tell? Do people know you exist? Can they find you online?

Here's how you can find out if your social marketing is working. It's really simple.

Google yourself.

When you do, is your business name first? It should be. If it is, you're doing a good job of online branding. If it isn't, you've got more work to do. How can you make sure you come up number 1 on Google when you Google your name? You need to get more content out there. Plain and simple.

How can you get more content out there?

Post more on Twitter. Blog more. Connect your blog to Facebook. Polish your LinkedIn profile. Create a podcast. Make some YouTube videos.

When I Google my business name, Tekkbuzz, my blog comes up first. My podcast comes up second. My Facebook business page comes up third. I've put my blog on blog directories, so that comes up. My YouTube videos come up on the first page of results.

How did this happen? I create content all the time. Every week I'm putting something out there. Google has noticed. If someone is looking for my business on the internet, they are going to find it right away.

This is step 1 in branding your business online. Get your name to come up first when you search for it on Google. End of story.

I would love to hear your comments. Leave me a comment and tell me, are you showing up when you Google your name?

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