Sep 02

4 Social Media Myths About Facebook

Everyone is talking about Facebook. You've heard statistics on how fast people are joining. You know many of your friends, family are on it. But in all the buzz, you may be hearing some often-repeated comments that just aren't true. Here are a few that you may be hearing.

Myth 1: Facebook is not a serious place to market your business.

Not true. While many people think Facebook is just for kids, that no longer is the case. And if you're not convinced, look and you will see some of the world's biggest companies are on Facebook; Nike, Pepsi, Wal-Mart, Exxon, General Motors, J.P. Morgan Chase.

Myth 2: Facebook is only right for certain brands.

Not True. Every type of business, whether selling products or services, is on Facebook. Serious businesses like insurance companies are on Facebook. Local businesses are on Facebook. Big businesses, small businesses are all on Facebook. And they are there because they see results. They see they can connect with potential customers and clients and build relationships.

Myth 3: By using Facebook, you could lose control of your brand image.

Not True. The biggest fear I hear time and time again is, what do we do if someone says something bad on our wall? The answer is, address it. Just because someone has made a negative comment doesn't mean your brand is destroyed. If it's legitimate customer service issue, by all means address it. Let others see you are giving service. If it's not a legitimate issue, address it. It's only a matter of time before others will see the comment is not legitimate. Your audience will know the difference.

Myth 4: Facebook is just a fad.

Not True. I watch this field carefully. Facebook is a large part of my business. If there is anyone who wants to know if it's going to disappear, it's me. I see no evidence of it disappearing, especially when you see it appeals to ALL age groups. It works for marketing. It's good for families and friends. It's useful for organizations. It's good for so many different groups in so many different ways, it's clear Facebook is not going anywhere.

Leave me a comment. I love to read and respond. What do you think, am I right about these myths?

Have you seen the same things?

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  1. Deborah Richmond

    My biggest piece of advice for B2B’s is to get yourself and your employees on LinkedIn. It’s the network that makes sense for most business professionals. If you participate in the discussions, you can really target your message to your target market. I get amazing traffic to my website when I participate in discussions there and offer my Free ebook to members of my groups.

    Thanks for commenting, Brad!

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