Sep 14

New LinkedIn Strategy Drives Traffic to Your Website

Don't miss this new opportunity to market your business on LinkedIn.

By now you should know that joining groups in LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to interact with potential clients and customers. if you aren't participating in Groups, by all means, go join some and participate in some discussions. Then come back and read the rest of this post.

Recently LinkedIn made some significant changes to its Groups. One of the changes in the Discussions area is something we can use strategically to promote our business and services.  LinkedIn now shows a list of the Top Influencers This Week.  I recently made it in as a Top Influencer in a group called "Marketing the Law Firm".  The way I made it in was simple. I started a discussion, a couple people responded, and I added to the conversation after each person responded.  I've set my settings to email me when someone responds to my discussions. Once I see someone has commented, I immediately go and contribute more to the conversation.

So what's the big deal? Why am I excited to be a Top Influencer?  For one, the name is really cool.  Who doesn't want to be considered a Top Influencer?  But the more tangible result is that having my name and profile link listed in this section means that everyone coming to the group this week sees me and has an opportunity to check out my profile.

Once on my profile, I have it set up so that my blog posts show on the profile page.  If they're interested in reading more, they can click and be taken to my blog.

Once on my blog, they are likely to sign up for my free ebook "Pump Up Your Profits With Social Media". (You can sign up on the right side of this page)   This is the main goal of all of my social media marketing, to have people sign up for my email list so I can further communicate with them. And I know they're interested in what I have to say because they took the time to come check out my blog.

This simple strategy is easy for you to recreate in your business.

If you're looking for help getting started with Linked,  LinkedIn 101 can get you on the right track to bringing in new business with social media.


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