Sep 23

International Freelancers Savvy about Social Media

International Freelancers Day is September 24th, 2010. If any aspect of your business is freelancing, you won't want to miss this free online event.

But my biggest interest in this event involves their social media campaign. They are using a very advanced social media move that we all can learn from.

I signed up for the event a couple weeks ago. Today I received an email inviting me to join a contest they have running and win a package of many business books written by the speakers of the event. To see the full promotion, go to the website and see the video.

In a nutshell, if I want to enter the contest to win dozens of enticing business books, there are three different actions I can take to enter. One is to tweet a short message that they give me to copy and paste. I can even create my own message as long I include the tag #IFD10countdown. That is easy to do. It would only take me 30 seconds and the message would go out to my 2,000 Twitter followers. I can also tweet up to twice a day and enter multiple times in the contest.

The second way I can enter is to go to their fan page and post a productivity tip. Easy enough, this would take me 45 seconds to think of a tip and post it. This is a brilliant way to build activity on the page. AND, by going there, I can see the 107 people who have left posts in just 23 hours, who no doubt will be attending the event. So in one stroke they've added activity to the page and created social proof that their event is going to be well-attended.

The third way I can enter the contest is to write an article on my blog about freelancers, link to International Freelancers Day.com and include their logo or promotional video. This is more time consuming, so they've sweetened the pot. If you take the 20 minutes it might take to write and post to your blog, you will also have a chance to be a guest blogger at TheWealthyFreelancer.com. Since I haven't heard of the site before I, of course, visit the site to see what it's about. With this request, they've accomplished a blog post that links back to their event website. This gives them a backlink that is very valuable to push them higher in search engine rankings, AND they will drive some new readers to the event site. PLUS they increase traffic on The WealthyFreelancer.com blog from the bloggers checking out the potential for a guest post.

Upon reading these contest rules, I was in awe. Look what they've accomplished with these three ways to win their contest!

How can we adapt some of these ideas to our own business? Could you hold a contest for a book or product giveaway? Could you ask people to Tweet about you to enter? To visit your fan page and contribute to enter? To write a blog post to enter? Of course you could! These strategies are brilliant, easy and FREE!

What do you think? Could you see yourself using any of these strategies to grow your business?

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