Sep 28

Websites.com Helps You Market Your Website

ShareI am happy to announce that this week Tekkbuzz.com has been chosen as a featured blog on http://websites.com. I'm proud that my blog is being featured. This, in itself, is a great way to market my own blog, by being featured on other sites like Websites.com.

But the biggest reason I'm happy to be featured on this site is because they are a truly valuable site with very useful information for anyone marketing a business. The mission of this magazine-style website is to “help small and medium-sized companies harness the power of the web to grow their businesses.” Upon looking around the site, it appears they have lots of good content to do just that. They offer useful articles on different aspects of building and marketing your blog or website. Some popular articles include “20 Ideas For a Small Business Blog” and “3 Keys to Effective Website Design”.

The section of the site titled Making Your Site Interactive is a gold mine of good ideas on how to engage your audience more effectively, including how to use online surveys, or using video on your website, to name just a couple ideas.

I have added this website to my Google Reader so that I can read any new content they add to their site. If you're responsible for any part of your company's website, I highly recommend you do the same and keep on top of new and practical ways to market your website.

How are you bringing visitors to your website? Leave me a comment. I love hearing from you.

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