Oct 19

Trust Your Instinct and Invest In Your Business

Blogworld is an annual convention held in Las Vegas, a place where they talk about blogging and social media and internet marketing for days! Last year I heard all about Blogworld from some of the blogs I read and follow on a regular basis. They told me all about what they learned, who they met, how they were changing their businesses because of what they'd heard. I was green with envy that they had gone. I wanted to be there.

I thought and thought about it. I had reasons why I hadn't gone. It was expensive...I don't have enough time...I have enough to work on, I don't need more ideas...

And then I decided, it was time to listen to my heart, my gut instinct. It was saying, “Deborah, you have to do this. If you're serious about your business, you have to go. You have to meet these people, get out where people are talking your language, find out what's happening right now. Invest in your business.”

I learned years ago that if I followed my inner voice, it's never been wrong. Never. It has only been those times that I did not follow the voice that I've made mistakes, some small, some really big.

Thinking about those mis-steps in my life, those mistakes, convinced me that I had to do this. So I jumped online, booked flights and a hotel room. Just did it!

There are times you know you have to invest in your business. Whether it's a conference you need to attend, equipment you need to buy, training you need to pay for, you know it when it comes along. Do all the research, then trust your inner voice and make the investment. You're serious about your business. You've got a passion that will carry you through. It's time to invest.

When have you invested in your business and known it was the right thing to do?

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