Oct 21

Use the Law of Attraction in Your Business

The Law of Attraction is a law that states that you can attract the things you desire in life. I've been thinking a lot about this law and how it manifests things in my own life. I can think of many times when I wanted something, I went after it, believed I could get it, and I received it.

So then I start thinking, how can I use the Law of Attraction in my own business? I wanted to attract a wider community of like-minded people in my industry that want to work with me. I knew this is what I wanted. I wrote it down in my work journal, and then forgot about it.

I read blogs and listen to a lot of podcasts about social media and internet marketing. I kept hearing about Blogworld. I decided to follow my instinct that told me, “Get yourself to Blogworld”. And I did. I booked the flight, and put it on the calendar.

On my way to Blogworld, I was getting a little apprehensive. I didn't know a soul at Blogworld. None of my social media friends were attending this year. I decided I was going to challenge myself to talk to as many people as I possibly could. I would start conversations, and not wait for others to speak to me. And I did.

As a result of that one decision, I struck up conversations with dozens of bloggers, traded cards with lots of people working with social media in a number of ways. I traded stories of clients and ideas about strategies that work. I now have a much larger pool of acquaintances I can contact this year when I'm scheduling interviews for my teleseminars, or want information on new strategies for clients. I have attracted that which I desired.

Is it magic? Is it hocus pocus?

No. The Law of Attraction is an attitude, having an idea of what you want to attract or create, then watching as your mind moves your actions to that end. Was I concentrating on the Law of Attraction when I was thinking about going to Blogworld, debating whether I should make the trip? No. But looking back, it was easier for my mind to come to the decision because I had consciously stated to myself that I wanted to attract a wider community of like-minded people. I wrote it down, then forgot about it. But my subconscious did not forget. It helped me attract exactly what I said I wanted.

What do you want to attract in your business this year? Say it. Write it down. Tell me what it is in the comments below. I'm dying to know!


  1. Bonnie Pond

    Your article about the Law of Attraction rings true, especially what you mentioned about attitude. Once you know what you want, somehow your whole life seems to take a turn in that direction.

    I’m a big fan of write it down and make it happen. Without being specific and clear about what we want, how can we possibly hope to reach our goals? My clients are all women over 40 who want to follow their interests and passions and work at what they love. One of the very first things I have them do is write about the kind of life they want to create in as much detail as possible. Only then can I help them figure out ways to get as much of that life as possible.

  2. Deborah Richmond

    I too am a big fan of writing it down to make it happen. I think it’s wonderful you’re helping others find the life they want to create. Thanks for commenting.

  3. drimo

    Are you kidding, I write everything down daily, otherwise, I get nothing done. This year I’m focusing on 1 thing though, as I have many varied interests, I sometimes have a hard time channeling my energy. I have found that I have tried about everything and now know what it is I want to accomplish and I will set specific goals to achieve them. I think it all comes from list making, which makes your subconscionus work the ideas out. It works.

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