Nov 14

21 Days to Twitter Leadership

When I first started using Twitter, I'll admit, I thought it was really a worthless website that would do nothing for my business. But the more I tried it out, over a few weeks, I began to see exactly how people were using it, and were getting great success in driving traffic to their website. I knew I wanted to learn more.

The law of attraction must have been working for me, because shortly thereafter I received a call from Joel Mark Witt. Joel told me he had written a book called “21 Days to Twitter Leadership.” To make a long story short, I bought his book, and read it cover to cover. I was so impressed with how much great information he had packed into this easy-to-read ebook, that I have been recommending it ever since.

Now Joel is offering some free resources that will allow you to get up and running fast with Twitter. Check out this short video on How to Write an Awesome Twitter Bio in 10 Minutes. It is pure gold. Pick this up for free and get started today.

Joel also offers a free chapter of his book “21 Days to Twitter Leadership”. I would skip the free chapter, and immediately purchase this book. It is really that good.

If you're a business owner who has been thinking of learning to use Twitter to market your business, you MUST pick up this book. It will save you time and money.

If you're not yet sold on the idea that Twitter will help your business, you should also pick up this book. It tells you exactly WHY Twitter is such a valuable tool to have in your online marketing arsenal and how to use it.

I make it a habit to only recommend products that I think are worth their weight in gold. “21 Days to Twitter Leadership” is worth far more than the low price Joel is selling it for. Go pick up your copy today and get ahead of your competition!

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  1. Joe perrone

    Ms.Richmond, I Thank you for your insight.. I also thank you for confirming that the “secret” The Law of attraction” does work when applied. I found the time to engage in social media..I Have to say, I love meeting new people, and the opportunity to share my wealth of knowledge. Thank you again… Enjoy our holiday season..

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