Nov 30

Social Marketing Stats November 2010

It's been a couple months since I've posted a traffic report, which you will notice I am now calling Social Marketing Stats. I decided it was time to post some numbers. Creating this post gives me a good reason to check my stats and make sure everything is heading in the right direction.

Website Traffic 3410 up from 2277

Email list 1508 up from 1065

LinkedIn 425

Facebook friends 214

Twitter 2556

Tweets 2850

Backlinks 285

I'm super excited about my website traffic. I am up significantly from last month after a period of staying rather static for several months. This is entirely due to a strategy I follow on LinkedIn.

I'm also very excited about my email list numbers. I am up significantly here also. This is also due to some new strategies I've employed recently.

June was the last time I checked stats on the rest of these numbers. My Facebook friends are up from 123. My Twitter followers are up from 1367. My inbound links are down from 330. I'm happy about these except inbound links. I haven't worked on increasing this number and I really need to do that. I am going to add to my task list to carve out some time to read and comment on blogs. To this point that is my biggest link-builder. And I love to read blogs so this will not be a difficult chore!

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